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3 definitions by Elijah Thornberry

A beastly, massive and hairy creature.
" Book and Amie, damn those gorilla bears! In the eighth grade, they were at it in the woods behind my house. I found fur trails everywhere. AND THEY BROKE MY RAZOR!!!!"
by Elijah Thornberry August 04, 2005
A term to describe glee. Very often stolen by other people.

Awesome, Cool.
"Remember that time in eight grade when Mr. Brockman broke his leg by kicking students in the asshole? That was so shibby."

"Shibby, man, shibby."

"Stop stealing my word, Amanda. I am Chuck T. supreme ruler of all words, and you steal every one of them!"
by Elijah Thornberry August 04, 2005
A term to describe boredom. Or just a word to say aloud for no reason at all. Nerp.
"Julia said, "NERP", when Erick stuck his finger in the wrong hole....gross"

by Elijah Thornberry August 04, 2005