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1. is a extreme case of loafing
2. underestimating people and what they can do
3. being lazy as fuck and not wanting to do any thing

Cupcaker, Cupcaktion, Cupcakster, Cupcakgasm, Cupcakeology,

Cupcakeology- The study of Cupcaking, and the use of it in your daily life.

Cupcaker- someone who engages in the act of Cupcaking

Cupcakster- Just a cooler more accepted cupcaker

Cupcakgaism- to have a cor-cakgasm from looking at cup cakes

Cupcaktion- I don't know

.Man the Coner back was cupcaking on that wide receiver
.Man get your fat ass up and stop cupcaking
by Elijah Harris aka EJ August 16, 2007
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