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"nah meen" is a commonly used phrase within the African-American community meaning: Do you know what I mean? It is a rhetorical question because they do not expect an answer.
"i was gonna cap that fool nah meen, dogg."
by Elijah Ford January 08, 2008
Noun, Adj. Something with no actual humor. Can be described as Disgusting or Degrating.

BACKGROUND: A friend of mine thought my humor wasnt funny, so he came up with the funny meter. And i came up with this.
Dude, that was Kreig Funny, get the fuck away from me

OMG, You just farted on my face, asshole, its not funny, its kreig funny.
by Elijah Ford November 29, 2004
Something extremley gay, so gay it can have no other word to describe it.

BACKGROUND: The movie HellBoy was so gay, its amazing, so I made this word to commemorate its GayNess
Dude, that idea is just hellboy gay.
by Elijah Ford November 30, 2004

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