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A synonym for many common causes of frustration, especially when speaking of relationships and most frequently when discussing the Friend Zone. See Friend Zone. See also Futility.
Relationships: Trying to get her to see her as more than just a friend is like banging my fucking head against the wall. Also, from one male friend to another: What the hell are you doing with her man? You might as well be banging your fucking head against the wall!
Futility: I might as well be banging my fucking head against the wall.
Conflicts: Talking to you is like banging my fucking head against the wall.
by Elijah Bowman January 28, 2007
Effectively, when a man has been "fucked" by a woman...metaphorically speaking, of course.
Emotionally the equivalent of being kicked in the testicles...everyday (because you see the person who's the reason why you're in the friend zone everyday, don't you?).
As of now, modern science has been unable to find a cure.
As used in this sentence, "At least I'm not in the Friend
Zone, like that idiot over there."
In this unfortunate situation, the guy is mistaken on both counts: 1) he is in the Friend Zone, BAD, cuz he doesn't even know what the hell's going on, and 2) the other guy he is refering to is a bad example, because he is obviously gay, and therefore has no sexual feelings for the women he is around, and is more acurately placed in the lesser known or traversed, "GirlFriend Zone". Currently, no known straight male has yet been this far gone, so very little is available about this terrifying area.
by Elijah Bowman January 28, 2007

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