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The only word needed for communication after a week camping together.
x: "mwreh"

y: "mwreh?"

x: "mwreeehhh"
by Elijah Bone January 23, 2008
Usually occurs after waking up or otherwise not in full control of your faculties.

A man sits on the toilet to take a crap but not paying enough attention allows his penis to hang low and touch the cold porcelain bowl.

This is a zombie's kiss.
"I got myself a nasty zombie's kiss this morning."
by Elijah Bone January 23, 2008
1. The national surname of China.

2. A penis.

3. Chinese food.

4. Brand of early computers.

5. Chinese people.
1. "It's pronounced 'Wong'."

2. "Poor ol' Wong has a small Wang."

3. "I'm gunna get me some Wang for dinner."

4. "I'm programming the future on my Wang!"

5. "Look at family Wang in that Camry over there. Junior Wang has his head out the window!"
by Elijah Bone January 23, 2008

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