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Someone with a mixture of different blood which includes Spainish and Indian. One of the biggest reason's the United States hasn't burned up and gone to hell as of yet. They work the jobs that most "Americans" don't want to work. They are the only ones to actually try to get the American Dream. At the moment the Mexican race is fighting for equal rights in a country made up of a people that have come from immigrants that have decided that they don't want anyone else to migrate to the United States. Even though they're trying to do the same thing that many "Americans" great grandparents did. So in other words stop being spoiled little brats and think about other people then just yourself, because thanks to your past family your here and have wonderful opportunites, why not let a new generation come in and have the same opportunities that YOU were lucky to have been born too.
Mexican American the future of this country.
by Elie Romero April 01, 2008
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