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One Damn Sexy Mother Fucker.
I am so Elias
by Elias April 14, 2004
boobies, tits..
<p1> look at them go o_0
<p2> fuck she has big bewbz
by eLias April 27, 2003
A place similar to the facebook for college students.
Sconex is so much cooler then xanga.
by Elias April 19, 2005
A bellian is basically a slut in makeup. The bellians are a group of girls who think they are much more special than they really are. They think everyone envies them, but they don't. They put out to guys they think are "cool" and "popular" but will never actually have a real relationship.
Don't waste your time with those bellians, they are just bitches in makeup.

I hope the bellians go stand in the street with their eyes closed.
by Elias September 30, 2004
we're goin to washington to take back the white house!
by elias January 23, 2004
1. I concure, also see: Fo shizzle ma nizzle
2. When one accomplishes a task may be used as a cheer
1. So you wanna ride the white pony? Yes
2. Yo biznatch my 12 inch black stalion is much better. Oh YES YES YES!!!
by Elias March 15, 2004
My fat gold cute hungry ass palm dog
Hey rags "Wanna go outside""Outside""outside" Raags "Fuck face"
by Elias April 23, 2005

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