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Adjective. Used to describe a piece of writing that is comprised mostly of quotations from other sources. Common in high school and undergraduate writing.
In conversation:

TA 1: Did you finish grading that paper?

TA 2: Yeah. It was OK, but quotatious as hell.

TA 1: I hate that.

In action:

While "we can only know so much about this topic," (Source 1), it is vital that we remember "the importance of quoting quotes" (Source 2). Additionally, "quotes are of vital importance," (Source 3) and make up "a large part of our language" (Source 4). In conclusion, this is "an easy way to write papers" (Source 5); furthermore, it "facilitates laziness" (Source 6), "pads paper length" (Source 7), and allows the author to "appear intelligent and well-read" (Source 8).
by Eli949 April 15, 2011

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