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Substitution for "Tad bit Nippy" Used to express cold. Also has a sexual connotation, to the extent that if you were to walk into a all girls skii team locker room, and exclaim "wow, its a tit bit nipply in here" you would be beaten within an inch of your life. It can also refer to the erection of a girls nipples due to cold. see 'nippin
by Eli Tistazhol October 18, 2003
1) Someone who has no skill, knowledge, or expertise in any given subject area
2) a nooblet
3) Someone who is anything but l33t
4) Someone Tottaly unworthy of saying anything l33t such as "woot" "RTFMFM" "STFU" "STUFUNOOB" ""n00b" or anything along those lines
5) Somone whose age in years does not excede the length of his penis.
"Hey neophyte, get off the server" -or- "Hey neophyte, thanks for chuckin that 'nade into the hallway just as i walked" by -or- "Get outta the Gene Pool, neophyte"
by Eli Tistazhol October 18, 2003
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