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Text that results from typing or leaving ones fingers on the keyboard while falling asleep. The resultant text may contain random letters or line after line of a single letter that has been pressed until the typist regains consciousness or the laptop runs out of juice. In rare cases the text contains readable text that contains Freudian references to the typist's subconscious emotional character expressed while in a state of semi-sleep.
I fell asleep on the keyboard again and discovered that I produced a shitload of narcotype.
by Eli Banai June 01, 2012
The word or combination of words used when 'surfing' the internet in search of its meaning and/or posts (articles, posts, images, etc...) that contain or are tagged with the term.
I surfed using your name as a surfboard and I discovered some videos that you don't want your parents to see.
by Eli Banai December 15, 2014
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