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1. Severe actions or emotions
2. Reduction in intensity
3. Someone or something being unreal
4. A powerful emotion
5. Actions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, that are all extreme or overboard
A dude in the middle of the street, wearing a garbage bag is yelling at invisible ninjas. You can turn to your friend and say "Yo... He be grizzlin'".

You just had a hard day at work, and you are tired and want to relax. If people ask how you are, you can tell them "I'm just grizzlin'"

Your friend tells you they met a big rock star, and you know they are lying to you. You can say "Yo, why you be grizzlin'?"

When you have a feeeling of calmness and you're just doing your thing, you can tell the whole world: "I BE GRIZZLIN'!"
by Eli A. Peters July 10, 2005

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