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24 definitions by Elgeoharris

CKY pwns you motherfuCKYers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Elgeoharris December 16, 2003
Sound made by Rake Yohn.
I hate mustard. Woo Woo!
by Elgeoharris November 18, 2003
Too bad they got killed when Morpheus sliced their EXT in half and fired his whole extended stick mag from his Glock 18C at them and blew them up.
*Entire universe collapses*

Twin 1-We are getting aggravated.
Twin 2-Yes we are.
by Elgeoharris December 09, 2003
Abbreviation for pr0n0gr4phy.
U c4n g0 0n t0 g00g13 t0 f1nd 5um l33t pr0n0gr4phy, y0u s1ck b4st4rd.
by Elgeoharris March 15, 2004
1.A person who especially enjoys the smoking of the weeeed.
2. A person who has an affinity for Harry Potter.
2.Harry Potteeeeeeeeeer
by Elgeoharris March 20, 2004