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1 definition by Elfy The Sheep

Extremely beautiful but never thinks so. If you know a Kelsey, green eye'd ones are the best.
Sexy, a good dancer, and smart beyond belief, you'll know a Kelsey when you see one.

They often are rough, tough little shits but they're worth the work.
They'll always be the one you run to, and if you know a Kelsey,
Don't piss her off. She might do something weird like smack you on the forehead with her phone or dislocate your toe.
Kelseys are always fun-loving and badass, sometimes short but that doesn't mean they don't have a bigass load of personality and heart.
If a Kelsey doesn't like you, you better watch your back because she'll have it coming for you.

Even if she doesn't hang out with the well-known crowd, she still makes it work and lets all her friends know they're safe with her.
person1: Damn, she's hot. Badass, too. I've heard things she's done.
person2: Yeah, that's Kelsey.
by Elfy The Sheep December 02, 2011