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It is a word starring in Mary Poppings but people use it because its a funny word to make some one spell. It is also a word to describe mad.
"you drive me supercallyfragelisticexpyallidocious"
by Elfrasero December 24, 2009
A really irritating Neighbour which just wont leave you alone no matter what you do, even dropping his daughter in a pit of sharks nailing his feet to the floor and sending him hate mail.
Leighbour as in "my Neighbour is a Leighbour his name is tiny tim and he keeps complaining that he's not got enough food to eat and he's gonna die. I hate tiny tim brrrrrrrrrr .............timmy tim brrrrr ............. grr

Yours sincerely Ebenezer Scrooge.
by Elfrasero December 24, 2009

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