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A girl or woman who spends all of her free time day dreaming about or chasing after handsome Arab men.
Meg's on her way to Sundance to try and meet Kais Nashif--she's such a waelphile!
by Eletra Ariadne September 06, 2010
A very handsome Palestinian actor. Films include 'Body of Lies' and 'Paradise Now'.
Actor Kais Nashif IS the sexiest man alive.
by Eletra Ariadne September 09, 2010
Pejorative term for a former Maxim's Home Town Hottie who cannot seem to get her modeling/acting career off the ground.
Did you see Simone passing out samples at the State Fair in her bikini? She's in ma hoho nomo land now...so sad.
by Eletra Ariadne September 09, 2010
A very handsome, well educated, erudite man. Usually of Middle Eastern and/ or Mediterranean descent. The Malden Man is very cosmopolitan, well read, articulate, smokes, speaks at least three languages fluently and will either have a Ph.D. from MIT or an MBA from Northeastern University. He is often married and faithful to his wife despite being a wicked flirt. If he is single take a ticket and queue up girls he will have more groupies than Mick Jagger ca. 1968 and Brad Pitt combined.
Wael is the epitome of the Malden Man - - I'd think twice before asking him out . . . again.
by Eletra Ariadne November 20, 2010
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