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In Germany a penis that is erected can be called "steif".
Mostly one say:"Ich habe einen Steifen."
It is very very informal, so one shouldn't use it in public
Mein Penis ist steif.

Ich habe nen Steifen.
by Elessar September 18, 2006
A bathroom activity in which a group of people take a dump together, in seperate, multiple stalls. It is a social experience, since the taskers talk while on the can. It makes taking a dump even better.

Often done at schools, during a gym class or study hall.

Note: Can be spelled TASC as well. (Take A Shit Co-operatively)
"Hey, John! You want to go Task with me?"
"Sure, Steve! I've had to crap all day."
by Elessar November 15, 2005

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