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Elephant Trunk is a penis with foreskin. A penis with foreskin is uncircumsized and will grow to a longer length than most circumsized penis. The man will clean under his foreskin if hes smart, leaving a clean, non leathery penis head, unlike circumsized penis which has a rough, and much less sensational penis head. Elephant Trunks or just Elephants are prefered 5-1 over Shroom penis (shroom being Circumsized) by local surveys. Elephants are mostly dark skinned, non jewish, and a lot stronger men. They do not act like shrooms, by getting angry at a joke. they love to hangout and play real sports like Soccer. Elephants that play Football american, are always the superior players aswell.
That man has an Elephant Trunk penis. He obviously has a larger dick than those cut Shrooms and is probably a good soccer and football player. He also will just laugh and not get mad if you joke around with him.
by Elephants Stomp Shrooms December 01, 2010

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