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A game in the vein of strip poker, where the goal is to lose as little clothing as possible. Play follows the standard Scrabble rules, with the following modifications:

- A player who cannot score higher than the previous player must remove an article of clothing.
- If a player 'challenges' a word and wins, he can put an article of clothing back on; if he loses, he must remove an article of clothing.
- The winner may make any one request of the losing players.

It is suggested that players agree on the definition of 'article of clothing' before play commences.
I played strip Scrabble with some of the language majors over at Wellesley the other night. Didn't go so well for me.
#scrabble #strip #naked #game #multiplayer #nerdy #nerd
by Eleglac January 14, 2007
A social faux-pas wherein a person, usually male, will schedule two separate romantic encounters for the same day. Will eventually be discovered, generally when one date forces a delay of the next.
Jackie was pissed to discover that Andrew had been double-booking she and Elyse, and broke up with him right there.
#dating #hooking up #faux pas #double booking #doublebooking
by Eleglac August 15, 2011
Slang: WD-40. So named because of the distinctive sickly sweet odor of the anti-rust compound.
I spent all day working on my car, and now I've got mechanic's cologne all over my hands.
#wd-40 #oil #water #displacement #car #cologne #mechanic's #mechanic #repair #mechanics #colone #odor
by Eleglac March 07, 2007
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