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An effeminate man in a derrogatory sense, almost identical to faggot or abbrieviated fgt

Also used to describe someone who cannot produce much (of a) threat
"Oh shit i just pulled that dude by accident" - "Lol you are such a Daeos!"

"Look at what hes wearing! i cant beleive hes still wearing that.. such a Daeos"

"I Wouldnt be scared of him if i was you, its only a Daeos!"
by Eldude April 27, 2007
A word so gravenly misspelled that even an autospellchecker can not hazard a guess as to what would it should be and hence changes the word into something with a meaning completely different from what it was meant to be.
jim: "shame its not in london, would have been awesome to go bowling wearing a dressing gown, getting drunk on white rushings whilst complaining about how much that rug really tied the room together"

cobob: "white rushings?"

Jim: "and thats white russians btw, sorry for the grantism."
by Eldude August 15, 2007
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