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An affliction where a person has an inability to finish any task, because of constant fantasies of anal sex with Hispanic women.
"Jenkins you change that tire yet?" "No boss, I was lost in an Arizona Pipe Dream, the one where I paint the head of my Johnson like Yahweh and bend Consuela over a saw horse and deliver the holy spirit."
by Eldo 76 December 15, 2009
When a man of wealth and education has unprotected in/out with so many drunks, punks, names and part-time dames that he contracts a plethora of STD's, causing his long iron to spontaneously burst into flames.
Well sir, I was engaged in a spirited nine holes with three Macedonian Meth Cookers I met in a public outhouse near Skopje. As I withdrew my flagstick from the last of their encrusted pinholes, I was most unhappy to find my niblick ablaze. Seems I had acquired a Tiger Tiger Burning Brite.
by Eldo 76 December 17, 2009

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