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OBS is also known as Oriental Boy Soldiers. OBoys a gang affiliated group consist of mostly Asian-Americans. The majority of OBS is Cambodians. They mainly reside in East Side of San Diego. With that at hand they represent as the formally known gang, "Crips." They are mostly seen wearing all blue with a blue rag/bandanna. Members of this gang can be aged up to 10 - 50 from younger heads to older heads. They do not fear anyone.. Back in 1992 OBS and TEC (Tiny Eastside Criminals; another Asian-American gang) had a rival affair in which was fought over a female. Even today the war between them is still not over. Throughout the years many OBS were killed and many TEC were killed with guns and other sort of killing materials.
"OBS cuhz, fuck TEC BOYS."
by Elder G July 10, 2008

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