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An iPhone / iPod / iPad that has been converted / adapted to stpre narcotics in.
Dave: Where are the drugs, man?

Sam: In the iStash.
by Elbows McGee August 07, 2011
Literal translation: Out-of-Date-Semen-Sample

Walking your female date home, not getting offered to come in for 'coffee' and so instead, masturbating on her doorstep and ejaculating through her letterbox.
She didn't want to sleep with me, so I l gave her OODSS.

The date didn't work out, all I got was OODSS.
by Elbows McGee August 07, 2011
Acronym - Work Established Ruined Lay-In

Heading into work to find that it was actually worthless you turning up, through fault of your workplace, to the point that you could have easily stayed in bed.

This is usually instituted by managers who do not give a courtesy call to those members of staff who are affected by the situation leading to the individual not being needed at work. Or, by managers who insist on their staff being at work, even when no work can physically be done.
Sam: I went into work at 7am as normal, only to find that the office had burned down and nobody had told me.

Dave: That's a serious WERLI, dude.

Dave: I got WERLI'd today. I was twiddling my thumbs at work from 8am until 1pm today; none of the computers were working; the phones were down and the company refused to send anyone home.
by Elbows McGee January 11, 2012
1. The act of prison rape.

2. To be 'shanked' by a 'fag'.

3. To use your penis to 'shank' someone while incarcerated.

4. To use your penis as an organic 'shiv'.
Dave: Why are you walking so funny?
Sam: I got fag shanked in the shower this morning.

Sam: Why are you naked?
Dave: I'm gonna fag shank you.
by Elbows McGee October 30, 2011
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