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It was nice in the beginning, but then a corporation came along, bought Neopets.com, and killed the site. Apparently the creators may quit because of all of these stupid adverts and stoof.
Neopets! Give me back my soul so I may sell it to the Devil! (He's nicer...)
by Elbonian Ambassador Xeork April 10, 2005
Annoying people who constantly go on and on about how much they love Neopets on other pet sites.
I used to worship Neopets, but then it all got too cute and taxed, so I became ambassador to a country nobodies ever heard of... or maybe that's a good thing...
by Elbonian Ambassador Xeork April 10, 2005
Dr. Ivo Robotnik is brilliant man. Brilliant in that he found a way to exploit my country's abundant oil supplies... Anyway after a strange blue ball of spikes arrived, we were able to swipe the prototype 'Doomsday Device'. Although as to what it does is a complete mystery.
'I am the Doctor!'
'Yes sir... now where's the oil?'
by Elbonian Ambassador Xeork April 10, 2005
Eggman's sidekick. You know, 'Eggman: Fighting Crime The Old Fatshioned Way'.
'Oh no Eggman! A giant moustache has lit up the night sky! The city must in peril from another dastardly attack by the Blue Hedgehog!'
'To the Eggmobile!'
by Elbonian Ambassador Xeork April 10, 2005
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