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also known as the backwards mullet. a bullet is a type of hairstyle that consits of long bangs in front and short hair in back used commonly for spiking.
bullets are usually found among "scenies" or scene kids.
Him:"look at that scene kid over there!"
Her:"they have a bullet!"
by Elan Baxter December 08, 2007
1.A person who practically lives at Urban Outfitters.
2.they drink lots of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
3.Mainly listen to underground club shit(Uffie, Justice,MSTRKRFT,Steve Aoki,Hyper Crush)
5.they don't spend alot of time on their appearances
6.Mostly wear urban outfitters, or pastelle clothes or jeans.
7.LOVE to dress like they came out of an 80s flashback.
8.Mark the cobrasnake is a famous hipster photographer.
Look at those hipsters on thecobrasnake.com!
by Elan Baxter May 09, 2008
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