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19 definitions by Elaine

ok. so maybe i've only seen Army of Darkness, but the evil dead must be good too!
I bought the Evil Dead.
by Elaine October 02, 2003
Abbreviation for ugly motherfucker used to describe a person or object.
I'm not sleeping with him; he's ugmo.
by Elaine October 17, 2001
somebody is using this term to say kidding
hahhaaahahha i'm just keeding with you.
by elaine April 14, 2005
used to describe a person of the opposite sex (or same sex if ur into that) that is a twenty on a ten scale.
Yo, check out the certified twenty in the corner ova there.
by Elaine April 16, 2005
Pertaining to or being of a happy thing.
Captain Jack Sparrow is flandiferous!

The day George W. Bush is out of office will be a flandiferous one.
by Elaine October 02, 2003
Straight up homo thugg
Yo Betsy, you sure are a SUHG.
by ELaine June 14, 2006
"i dunno"
"what do you wanna do tonight?"
by elaine February 01, 2004