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another term for the criminally insane
Man, what you're doing is criminally pagal.
by El_Scorcho August 27, 2003
another way to say that someone is P.U.N.K.; you are able to point out a punk now as loud as you want, simply because few know that Pumpkin Ugly No Kid = Punk
Hey, look at that young rebel over there with a mohawk! He's so pumpkin ugly no kid!
by El_Scorcho September 22, 2004
cwar's other ghetto fab nickname
Yo, C-Lion, check out this Rat King story I made. It rules as much as rats with crowns on their heads.
by El_Scorcho September 15, 2004
griffin's ghetto fab nickname (pronounced g-kite)
Yo, g-coyote, whats up with with bruno being so pagal all the time?
by El_Scorcho October 06, 2003
When the phrase "mos def" becomes played out, it is necessary for one to start using the phrase "mops def".
You wanna play some Mario Kart 64?

Mops def, my good friend. Cheerio.
by El_Scorcho September 20, 2003
... julian.
Hey heraldo, go get me some chips while you're at it.
by El_Scorcho August 27, 2003
not capable of doing something; when you got too much strain on you already{as seen in the video game for Playstation 2, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance}
I can't do that too, boss, I'm carrying a mule's weight already.
by El_Scorcho August 25, 2003

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