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phrase used by wrestles in the WWF, now WWE. They walk in, hearing the crowds cheer... then all of a sudden, things become bad. They don't like it when they get booed. So they say "What, what?!?" Then they throws their arms at the crowd, in an angry way. And go, "Aww, come on." (They think to themselves, don't hate me!")
{Crowd boos}

What, what?!?

Aww, come on! { Throws arm at the crowd in anger}
(Man, wrestling is fake!)
by El_Scorcho September 02, 2003
once-freshman, now-sophomore who is the leader of the mobster gang at school; although he was small and once average weight, he still had the most power in that circle of people; some people are concerned, however, because lately he has gotten taller and lost some weight, thus making him look rather manorexic; also known as Ali Harbey Oswald
Ah, look! It's Italian Mobster Guy! Geez, he's so manorexic these days. I'm concerned because he's lost so much weight over the summer. You should be too.
by El_Scorcho September 18, 2004
kyle's ghetto fab nickname
Yo, K-Kitty, can you please pass the milk, please?
by El_Scorcho September 14, 2004
Whoa! You're in such an uber mood, I think you need to chillax, man! I mean, come on.
by El_Scorcho September 03, 2003
if something is "urbanly ghetto", this is what you can call it. (this is not necessarily a term used when something is "ghetto" in a bad way, but more like when something seems "out of whack" or out of the ordinary. This is definitely the more European version, but they all get the job done.
Man, chriskaye is so chriskaye. He's gonna be coming at 9:30 p.m.

Yeah, he's definitely ghetto fab.
by El_Scorcho September 13, 2003
another phrase for "really want to" or "really wanna"
I willy wonka go to the next My Way My Love / Plastic Constellations show.
by El_Scorcho January 30, 2005
the thing to get when at the el ray theatre to see ozma with earlimart(pretty good) and slow reader(not even decent) as the opening acts. It's really good bread.
Man, listening to ozma and eating monkey bread is pretty decent.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
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