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40 things you didnt need to know about onions:
1. Onions are vegetables
2. Onions are edible
3. They make you cry…
4. They make good dip
5. Onions grow underground
6. They taste bad raw
7. They give you bad breath
8. Onions come in 3 designer colours (red yellow and white)
9. They can predict the weather in winter
10. They go good in a BBQ
11. They are not sweet
12. Onions have layers
13. If you chew gum while cooking them you wont cry
14. They are about 30 calories
15. They can be sliced, chopped and diced
16. Onions are shallots cousin
17. They can be pickled
18. Onions are like ogres
19. They can be peeled
20. They are highly water based
21. Onion breath can be cured with some parsley
22. Onion in Japanese is onion
23. If you leave them out in the sun for too long they start to grow roots
24. They are eaten heaps in Libya
25. The heaviest onion was 10 pounds and 14 ounces
26. Onions don’t grow on the moon
27. Onion spelled backwards is noinO
28. They are not like cakes
29. Onion is pronounced UN-YIN
30. If onion was a number it would be 151491514
31. An onion can make a bland sauce
32. Onions has 3 vowels
33. Onions have skins
34. Onions don’t like garlic
35. there are nice deep fried as rings
36. Onion rhymes with bunion
37. Onions make really bad gifts…
38. Alliumphobia is the fear of smelling onion and garlic
39. Onions wont stop vampires…
40. Onions should NEVER be juiced
by El_Paco January 17, 2005
Something that's 'not hot'
(Preppy Chick 1) - semi gloss pearl blue lipstick is SO totaly what's not right now..

(Preppy Chick 2) - "oh my god", "i just broke a nail!!!"

(MR.T) - *slaps preppy Chick 1 & 2* "I pitty the fool!"

by El_Paco December 08, 2005
meh = what ever.....
jak: *emits a blood curdeling scream
zak: (playing grand theft auto pluto on jaks ps4000) ...
jak: dude, i just blew my arm off, theres blood everywhere!!
zak: meh
by El_Paco February 04, 2005

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