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Punishment by divine intervention for previously committed road crimes. For example , cutting people off on the freeway , turning from the wrong lane , doing a California roll instead of stop , etc .
I was on my way to the airport and just when I was about to exit , damn ! Road Karma !! A huge SUV cut me off and I missed my exit and missed the flight . Next time I cut someone off I will remember "Road Karma"
by ElMalevo December 02, 2010
Lane fucked , is when you get into what you think is the fast lane, but the minute you enter the lane it suddenly stops. You change lanes, hoping to avoid the problem that caused the slowing, but again, your new lane suddenly stops and the previous lane starts moving again . You can be "Lane Fucked" over and over again.
Tom : I'm very sorry that I'm late for the meeting , I was repeatedly "Lane fucked" on the way to the office this morning.

Joe : I hear you, I was "Lane fucked " one time on the way to the airport and I missed my plane!
by Elmalevo December 02, 2010

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