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A person is not slang unless they can be used as a part of speech. Remember Jeff Gilooly? He was famous for hitting Nancy Kerrigan in the knee so to "Gilooly" someone is to strike them in the patella. Ben Stiller is famous in acting in movies so...can you Stiller someone? If you did, would that imply that you helped their acting career?
You blew him? So that's how he got herpes.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
I heard a bunch of thugs on the street talking about c-sections the other day and I thought it was a new rap group. I am so glad you selflessly posted this definition so that no one will ever be confused again.
Yes Andi, a c-section or caesarean section is a medical procedure. But I guess since medicaldictionary.com doesn't let people post their own definitions you had to come do it here instead. Can someone say, DESPERATELY LONELY AND CRYING OUT FOR ATTENTION?
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
A term coined by people of an ethnic or cultural majority to demonstrate the fact that they don't understand the adversity that minorities truly face on a daily basis.
Billy cried "reverse racism" when the black boy called him a 'cracker' since it was not acceptable for Billy to call the boy 'nigger'. It's hard to understand how Billy was offended since no ancestor of his had even been called a 'cracker' as he was savagely whipped by a black man who owned him.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005

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