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The Act of a male Homosexual, trying to catch-{chase} aids-{bug} by means of sexual intercourse. This is done to gain acceptance into elitest gay communities.
Anthony has been bug chasing all week with no noticable results..
by El-live December 27, 2007
The culmination of space docking, space dock and bug chasing. Where a person, or persons, will insert the frozen excrement turd of a known aids sufferer into there anus.

This practice is aimed to heighten the pleasure of anal insertion. The fear of contracting aids leads to anal constriction, which in tern leads to a tighter, more pleasurable experience.
Anthony was anxious as the aids infested turd split the ring of his constricted anus, yet the pleasure of space bugging was bordering on ecstasy..
by El-live December 27, 2007
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