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A pussy so hairy the fur reaches one foot in diameter.
I would have banged her, but I couldnt find it through the jungle vagina valley.
by el pene January 23, 2003
1. monger of choads
2. one who loves and obsesses with penises that are wider than they are long.
That fruitcake is a fucking choadmonger
by El pene January 23, 2003
A conceded female who is stone cold and has no soul. They are usually rather good looking, but not nearly enough to justify acting the way they do. Their bitchiness can be manifested in many ways; such as blatantly ignoring other people's existence who attempt to converse, or assuming every dude who talks to them is hitting on them. They are overly serious, and probably have daddy issues.
Guy 1: Im bummed, that girl in room 1122 didn't even look at me when I said hello, she just speed walked by.
Guy 2: That chicks a major downer man, she did the same to me just yesterday.
Guy 3: Don't worry about it dudes, she acts the same to everybody. She's just an ice bitch.
by El Pene February 27, 2014

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