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A short article used by the mentally challenged residents of Southern California when discussing their freeways.
To get to LAX, you take the 5 to the 405 to the 105 and get off on Sepulveda.
by El Tombo July 29, 2005
Fun info from the comic book legend John Byrne's site FAQ.

Did JB coin the phrase "fanboy"?

JB: The earliest use of the word "fanboy" of which I am aware was in the "Obligatory New Pages" of Jim Engle and Chuck Fiala's FANDOM CONFIDENTIAL collection (from the pages of "The Comic Reader".) In a scene in which Jim and Chuck collapse into paroxysms of mindless adoration because they have been in the room with me for more than five minutes, Jim had me refer to them as "a couple of fanboys in bondage".
This was a reference to/play on a Monty Python skit in which an Elizabethan character is scene reading "Gayboys in Bondage" which she claims is by William Shakespeare. (4/18/2005)
by El Tombo July 29, 2005

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