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6 definitions by El Scroto

An erection that is hard and persistant
"Man she gives me a pan(handle)"
by El Scroto August 29, 2003
A nap someone takes while at work under the rather flimsy guise of being empowered by it. In reality, they are recovering from a night on the beer.
by El Scroto August 29, 2003
Bull-baby or bullshit-baby. The name given to the imaginary "baby" a woman is having to make you stay with her/feel guilty/give her money.
"She's having a BLABY mate.. I know coz I had the chop 5 years ago."
by El Scroto August 29, 2003
What girls call farts if they do them and it's therefore funny. When you do them it's disgusting and not funny!
by El Scroto September 04, 2003