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When one is right in hindsight. Arguably the most frustrating and common thing in the world.
"I should NOT have told my girlfriend about my thing with John" "Mate, no use in being hindright"

"Those Germans are the masters of being hindright"
by El Presidente 22 September 14, 2008
(idiomatic) n perj. {antonym of midas touch} the ability to make anything you do a complete failure simply through your presence.
'women were intelligent but they kinda have the reece-das touch'

"man i viciously and brutally beat my wife yesterday....she has the reece-das touch when it comes to cooking"

by El Presidente 22 September 16, 2008
tess: vtr to rape; to enforce sexual intercourse upon someone after brief yet insufficient flirtation, to later ruin their life
"So I totally Tessed this girl last night!!...The court case is next week"

"Man I Tessed your mum...It was so goddam ambiguous"

"I was going to rape this girl but then I realised it might not be appropiate for the period. So I decided to Tess her."
by El Presidente 22 September 14, 2008
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