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2 definitions by El Pepe

Spanish language word that means annoying. Literal meaning "heavy." A "heavy" person is someone who is annoying, over-bearing, and dull.
"Como me das hueva, eres un pinche guey super pesado."

Trans: "You give me a lot of laziness, you're a super annoying dude."
by El Pepe May 13, 2008
20 3
Spanish slang language word that means over-bearing and effeminate. Other definitions include excessive softness, delicacy, and self-indulgence. Literal definition come from the word "sangre" or blood. Someone who is a "sangron" is one who has "heavy blood" in an effeminate way, meaning mannerisms and excessive 'softness' are played out in certain circumstances.
Pedro responded to his friend's questions about his whereabouts in a "sangron" way by raising the tone of his voice, bending and wiggling his body, and flipping his hair.
by El Pepe May 13, 2008
11 76