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3 definitions by El Papa

The large mound of flesh - usually growing from the abdominal region - that causes one to believe they need to file a missing persons report on their own genitalia.
Man.. thanks to this flabia I haven't seen my own penis in three years.
by El Papa June 27, 2005
It's what evely asian male gets when watching poino frick....
I got an election ratching jenna jamerson!
by El Papa October 23, 2007
Someone who perpetually has a scorching case of Herpes or some other form of VD. See "Paris Hilton".
Lindsey Lohan isn't a firecrotch because of her red pubes. She's a firecrotch because of that nasty case of herpes she got from scissor-fucking Paris Hilton.

by El Papa May 06, 2007