4 definitions by El Noso Blanco

1. To touch someone's nose
2. To affectionately squash an animal's nose (especially a cat), usually accompanied by shouts of "NOOOOOOOOOSE!".
"What a lovely kitty, I'm going to have to nose it" (cat runs off down street closely pursued by would-be-noser)
by El Noso Blanco September 09, 2006
A cat, so called because... well... it purrs.
Look at that little purrer! I'd better nose it now. (Cat runs off closely pursued by would-be noser)
by El Noso Blanco September 10, 2006
A cat kneading you with its paws and purring, usually while drooling
That cat is really nushing on me, wish it would keep its claws in.
by El Noso Blanco January 26, 2007
1. To touch a cat's nose twice. See nush
2. A nickname for a particular cat.
Aw, look at Nushnush, I want to nush her little nose.
by El Noso Blanco October 28, 2006

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