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Bacon wrapped cake. (preferably Ice-Cream Cake)
Yo, did you try that Cakon last night, nigga? It was the shiznit after sex, yo!
by El Normatico May 28, 2008
Prelude to Birthday. The Day after you came in a vagina.
Richard looked back on his daughters birthday and realized the panic he felt during conception was worth it after all.
by El Normatico January 15, 2009
Gay Mexican Muslim Feminist Nazis... the current groups that it is apparently okay to hate on this day and age as a politician. Doubly so if they are obese.
"We must protect our borders. A vote for me is a vote to keep the homomeximuslifeminazis out of this great land of ours!"
by El Normatico February 24, 2012
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