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Greedy, neoconservative, unconscious, ignorant fascist who is pulling the wool over a lot of conservative leaning fools.
Man #1: President Bush is a greedy, lying asshole, huh?
Woman #1: Yup! f&*k him!
by El Muneco March 05, 2005
Comes from the full name "East Los Angeles,"

aka "Los"
Puro East Los, ese!!
by El Muneco April 21, 2005
Synonymous with but friendlier usage of the word "puto"

Made famous in the film "Y Tu Mama Tambien"
Que onda putete? Vamos al disco?
What's up faggot? Wanna go to the club?
by El Muneco March 04, 2005
1. A really messed up or f@#ked up thing or place.
Que vergaderia es esta? Yo page por esto?

Translation: What the f@#k is this? I paid for this?
by El Muneco March 04, 2005
1. A really fine, good looking woman with a tight body.
Synonyms: Bizcochito
Hombre #1: Uuy! Mira que pedasito va caminando por aqui!
Hombre #2: Ay wey! Ve y pidele su nombre a ese bizcochito!
Man #1: Wow! Check out that little piece of ass walking right here!
Man #2: God damn! Go ask that tight little thing for her name!
by El Muneco March 04, 2005
New York would seem so much better if people who live here, like me, wouldn't be so cocky as to say "we're the greatest city in the world!" bullshnit!!

And why are New Yorkers so scared that L.A. may be a better place to live? So many of the definitions (or whatever these musings are) mentioned something that sounded fearful of L.A.'s ascendancy...makes you wonder.
New York is a great city, but there are also other great cities in the U.S. and all over the world.
by El Muneco April 21, 2005
AKA as an "MP." Someone who thinks he/she's an MC and that he/she can flow on the mic, but they are wack and in reality they are polluting the microphone with their wannabe rhymes.

Jackie: Yo, what was up with that guy who grabbed the microphone away from Rakim and he tried to improvise a rap onstage?

Larry: That guy is definitely not an MC, he's a Microphone Polluter with his wack-ass raps about the suburbs.
by El Muneco April 30, 2009

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