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A strategic or clever betrayal by a person or organization, especially one effected after taking advantage of your trust, services, talents, and/or loyalty.
The stratwork on her was so smooth she didn't got a hint of it until it as all too late.

The company stratworked him into believing that everything will be done in the spirit of fairness but in the end they sued him.

The project failed all right but the stratworks behind is so fine you'd gladly do it all over again, if you are dumb.
by El Morbo April 10, 2007
A mediocre public relations practicioner with average abilities who projects himself/herself as an expert and somehow gets away with it by hiding behind a huge table in a small office.
Pardon me but you will stop kissing asses from this day forward you perceptions purveyor of a writer!

Just do your job and stop fancying yourself a perceptions purveyor, it reeks of dishonesty, malintent and ambiguity.

Her well crafted article was so nice if it weren't for the by-line which makes it obviously written by a perceptions purveyor.
by El Morbo April 10, 2007

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