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2 definitions by El Mexigringo

The sleepy feeling after eating a large meal comprised chiefly of carbohydrates, whether in the form of rice, noodles, bread or dough.
Dude, I was totally dozing at the office after that giant serving of chow mein for lunch. Total carb coma.
by El Mexigringo September 28, 2010
4341 1963
Spanish equivalent of Pig-Latin, in which English words are "Spanishized" by adding "-o" to the end of the word. Frequently used by clueless American college students on Spring Break in Cabo or Cancun.
Spring Breaker: "Donde esta el bano? Yo Need-o take-o un piss-o."

Buddy: "What the heck was that, man? You were totally talking Gringlish!"
by El Mexigringo September 28, 2010
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