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The word that goths use to describe anyone who doesn't look, talk, act, or think exactly like them; also used commonly by goths to describe any given preppy.
Do you see him? He's wearing green! What a conformist!
by El Mañana June 22, 2005
A screaming death metal band that people listen to, many of whom do not like it, but they listen to it anyway because they think it makes them badass.
Aw, yeah! It's Metallica, yeah!
by El Mañana June 22, 2005
A fast-food restuarant that is the scape goat for millions of fatties around the world; The final destination for all idiots who would rather not go to school.
If you don't get good grades, you're going to end up working at McDonalds!
by El Mañana June 22, 2005

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