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The act of having a tight ass and displaying it in such a manner that all ass lovers will drool when in their field of view.
This girl is so Tightasstic I could die right now.
Look at that Tightasstic beauty coming our way!
by El Lo August 30, 2006
Used to confirm a statement in a 'Ned Flander' style.
Dude1: That girl is so nice.
Dude2: Indeedelidoo...
Dude1: Shut up Flanders!
by El Lo September 05, 2007
To give retribution for someone's offense with a cyber attack.
Gino was backstabbed by Charles on youtube and hackvenge himself by dry humping Charles facebook account. Posting photoshoped pictures of him with an unwary donkey was a great retribution.

Some may say that anonymous groups hackvenge the unhacknowledged.
by El Lo October 10, 2014
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