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3 definitions by El Kabong

The leader of the karate gang in the 80's movie The Last Dragon.
"Don't you know who I am FOOL! I'm Sho Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem!"
by El Kabong August 20, 2004
describing a moment of high importance, an impressive action at a moment of high importance, or a generally impressive action
Oh man, 4th and 26? This is clutch...
Look at that catch by Mitchell! That was clutch...
You see how Bob can bench 315 pounds? Yeah, that's clutch...
by el kabong January 23, 2005
1. To lose badly or come off much worse than someone else.
2. To be in a situation where you are severely disadvatanged.
1. The under 16's raped the under 11's in the football.
2. If I don't hand in my homework Ms Sucubus will rape me.
3. I versed Rutherford in Quake 3 and got raped
4. The Wests team are raping the Souths team at the moment
by El Kabong June 13, 2004