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A small independent country in south eastern Europe bordering Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia. It is the newest country, officially declaring independence from Serbia in 2008. It was formerly a county of Serbia which still does not recognize the separation of Kosovo.

Originally Serbia was known as Yugoslavia, spanning what is now the seven independent countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Civil war traced from as early as the 80s has led to the dwindling size that it is now. What was Yugoslavia is now recognized as Serbia.

Kosovo is the smallest of the separated nations and is one of the 3 remaining countries to yet join the UN (United Nations). The other two are Taiwan and Vatican City. The capital of Kosovo is Pristina. This is also its largest city.
My dumbass friend went to Kosovo for a relaxing vacation. He got shot by a Serbian soldier. Now I don't have a friend, I'm forever alone!

Some Idiot: "Hey, lets go float the beaches of Kosovo!"
Tryhard Nerd: "What beaches you idiot!? It's completely bordered by land. You're so stupid that you're dead to me."
by El Jefe de Mesa Verde September 10, 2013

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