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Verb (pronounced like 'Dodge') - To lie or prevert the truth for the purpose of impressing friends or complete stangers in a pathologically reflexive matter. Characteristicly, dojing is usually easily invalidiated if the one being dojed is skeptical enough to look into the claim.
Dojer: "I only take out my Ferrari for special occasions."
Dojed: "Are you dojing me?"

Dojer: "Yeah, I was in Maui for Christmas last year, but personally, I think Tahiti is much nicer."
Dojed: "You told me last week you've never been out of the country."
Dojer: "Oh, I had forgeten about Maui and Tahiti."
Dojed: "You'd forgotten?"
Dojer: "Yeah, you've never forgetten something?"
Dojed: "Dude, you're dojing me, just admit it."
by El Jax January 13, 2007
To fog ones nuts is when a girl (or guy) makes it very clear that they are ready willing and able to get sexual with a guy upon the guy's OK.

Most common with ex-girlfriends or girls interested in a guy that in a relationship and not inclined to cheating.

In much the same way that you fog a mirror by holding it close to your mouth, a person who is fogging your nuts stays close in the event that you agree to sex.
Man, ever since Tom broke up with Susie, she's been fogging his nuts every day. If he breaks down and has sex with her, she'll rope him back into all her drama.

Man, this chick checks fogging my nuts, I'm not gonna be able to turn her down any longer.
by El Jax April 28, 2009

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