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when you masturbate too fast for a long period of time and as a result lose focus, become flaccid, and have to start all over again.
Patient: Hey Doctor, yesterday I was masturbating and everything was fine until I just went soft, whats wrong?

Doctor: Don't worry, you were just "masterbeated."
by El Jalapeño August 14, 2011
when engaging in rigorous sexual activities and one of the participants engaged in the act begins to have massive orgasms that sound as if he/she is whale-calling.
Brad: hey bro, last night my girl sounded as if she was whale-calling during sex.

me: Your girl "Whalegasms"?
by El Jalapeño August 14, 2011
when just calling someone a douchebag isn't good enough, you replace the suffix -bag with -fag.
Jorge: hey bro, I just took a piss on your dog.

Carlos: What The Fuck "Douche-fag".
by El Jalapeño August 18, 2011

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