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El Gweiro (praise and blessings be upon Him) is the alter ego bestowed upon He who is James Weir. El Gweiro (praise and blessings be upon Him) was fist 'born' in 2002. This is His first and only known coming, Son of Gary, Grandson of John, He walks the Earth erradicating Evil from this plane.

Born with the ability to walk through shadows, El Gweiro is also known as Shadow Passer, or Dalk Walker. It is believed that He is born from a Demon Lineage dating back to the times of Major Weir who was burnt at the stake for witch craft. It is noted that Major Weir made a pact with the Devil, and in turn received a staff bestowed with powers. Witnesses reported that at his (Major Weir's) burning, the staff reacted to his body, engulfing and falling as did Major Weir.
El Gweiro (praise and blessings be upon Him) has saved us all again. Praise Him in the Highest
by El Gweiro March 10, 2005

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