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A term used to describe heavy sexual activity; to rail; complete and absolute sexual toil
Dude, this chick was so horny, I was laying brick like a true champion until sunrise.
by El Guy November 17, 2005
1) A goat that prefers to swim in the water with flippers, snorkel, scuba mask and wet suit over living on the farm.
2) A hideously unattractive woman who's residence is either above a dive bar, or in the dive bar itself; seagoats are often accompanied by warts, missing/blackened teeth, flabby and greasy skin, drip drop tits, and a pussy that would cause a man to contemplate suicide if he were to view it
After seeing the drunk seagoat sprawled out naked on the bathroom floor, Ted decided at that moment that it was time to die.
by El Guy November 18, 2005
To defecate upon another person's laundry while it is in the washing machine; to shit upon thy neighbor
I had enough of that asshole down the hall, so after he threw in his laundry load, I gave him a nice chocolate wash to settle the score.
by El Guy November 17, 2005
Making a disturbing discovery about a person's nether regions during the act of foreplay. This can lead to limpness, loss of sexual appetite, and seeing that person in a whole new and ofen terrible way.
Dude, I was totally hittin it with that fit chick from the bar until all the sudden, BAM a Cousteau came outta nowhere. The chick had 2 assholes!!
by El Guy December 15, 2005

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